Sometimes, newer isn't better. In fact, when it comes to healthcare, the old ways are often the best ones.

We've been caring for the patients of St. Vincent's East and the Noland Hospital of Birmingham since 2005, and today, we have more ways to diagnose and treat illness than ever before. But we know that delivering quality care means more than just selecting the right test, or starting the right medicine. We want to rejoice with you when the news is good, and offer wise counsel when the way forward seems unclear. We want to walk alongside you as you journey toward health and wholeness, and point you toward the bright future God has in store for you.

It's not that the care we provide here at EHM is old-fashioned. We just know that a smiling face, a kind word and a listening ear still go a long way toward helping you feel better. We know that a cheerful heart is still good medicine, and that sincerity and compassion will never go out of style.

What is a hospitalist?

In the past, hospitalized patients were usually cared for by their primary care physicians. But today, the vast majority of patients are admitted to a hospitalist instead. A hospitalist is simply a physician who provides cares for hospitalized patients only. During an inpatient stay, the hospitalist functions as a primary care provider for the patient.

EHM hospitalists provide general medical care for adult inpatients at St. Vincent's East and the Noland Hospital of Birmingham. When needed, we also involve medical and surgical consultants who can provide subspecialty assistance. Hospital care is complex, and it is usually delivered by a large team of healthcare providers from many different disciplines. EHM hospitalists coordinate this care. Following hospital discharge, we relay vital information about your stay to the providers you will be following up with. This facilitates a smooth transition back to the outpatient setting.

The role of nurse practitioners

There is a critical shortage of physicians in our country, and in many settings this simply means that fewer patients receive care. But when other physicians say no, EHM providers say yes. We strive to deliver timely, caring attention to every patient we are asked to care for. And CRNP's (Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners) help EHM physicians to do just that.

A CRNP is not a substitute for a physician. Rather, they serve to extend the physician's capabilities and enable care that is more prompt, thoughtful and efficient. CRNP's interview and examine patients, review lab and test results, and formulate treatment plans much as a physician does. And when results are abnormal or other clinical needs arise, appropriate care can be initiated much earlier when it is delivered by a collaborative team. At EHM, we believe CRNP's play a vital role in the delivery of exceptional inpatient care.


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For healthcare providers

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